I Accept

This is an invitation.

Come to heal, to dream and to connect. Come because I love you and I want to share everything I am with you. Come because you are ready to share yourself with the world. Come for the love of life. Come becaues you love yourself. 

Above all, come into my world if you want to do things differently. If you want to live in a way that fills you up and radiates you out for the good of all. Enter your email and reconnect with your spirit.

This is what matters most...

Dream. This is not an idea, this is training. Get a notebook.

Until there is a dream, a vision of what could be next, there will only be more of the same. Without that, you walk in circles, being bumped by other people's ideas and circumstances happening at you. Nothing I can say do or be of any value to you, unless you have a vision of what you want and who you want to be. 

This is training for proactively creating your life. This is training for creating a better world.

What do you want? What feels good? What feels even better? The timeline doesn't matter and it doesn't matter if its possible. Go for the feeling. 

Want to share? You can do it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1638423459818178/

Reconnect with your Spirit


Reconnection Mentoring

My vision


I created this for you just a few days ago. Come check it, tell me what you think, feel about it. How does it relate to what is yearning and burning in your life?

Take me there now!

A proper introduction. 

I can see everything extending in limitless possible expressions from a single source. These paintings are medicine. Each piece represents a miniscule aspect of sepreme consciousness. Drawing from my childhood emmersed in nature and shamanic practices and my current meditation and yogic practices. This is an invitation to explore in arena's that our conscious mind can't comprehend but through art maybe we can feel and become closer. 

I'm Lillian Eve Moore, your guide in this experience. I've been studying the healing arts since I was 9. I have studied under shaman's, coaches, therapists and business Mavens. Since then I have worked with people with PTSD, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, and depression. I am deeply passionate about helping people and doing it in the most pleasurable way I know how. I love helping people out of the painful stuck places of their body and life into the life they dream of.

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Reconnection Training

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